my first ever blog

This is a blog from an heroin addict about to get off drugs and im taking you all on my journey with me!


First of all let me say hello and thanks for taking your time to stop by!

Now for this next part i may more than likely get judged by the majority of you out there (but ya know what if your that narrow-minded to judge a book by its cover then stop reading and fuck off!), where to start is the hardest part for me as the beginning of where things start is hard for me to talk about or even think about because it breaks my heart but the middle and the end (which is where i am right now) are the parts that as much as they make me who ive become in a lot of ways, they also make me the worst part of myself which is the reason i wanted to blog, not only so i can look back on but for YOU the readers!

I suppose i should skip my story for now of what got me here and tell you where here is! {me taking a really long deep breath before i type this part} I AM AN HEROIN ADDICT! there i said it, now you all know half the reason for this blog. The other half of the reason is im doing what drug users and possibly a few other people might know as MY RATTLE! For the people who don’t know what i ment by rattle it’s basically a detox, now anyone who may understand how hard it is getting off any drug will know how hard it is and might not know this (i want to just point out im talking from first hand experience) and also for the people who dont know, well let me explain heroin IS the hardest drug i know of to get off and trust me over the years ive been on most of them trying to block out the pain, but the only one that’s ever helped numb it has been heroin!

Anyway let me please explain this, im not the typical addict! I DON’T steal ANYTHING to pay for my habit, I don’t even really have anything to do with any other addicts anymore and i haven’t for the past 18 months to 2 years! My only friend doesn’t take drugs, she works her butt off and worries like mad about me and so does my partner, who has never tried a drug in his life and he’s a full-time career for his blind dad and on top of that he cares for me making sure im ok! He hates to see me in pain physically and mentally (i will get into everything another day).

Throughout my blogs you will not only find out more of why and what got me to where i am today, but you will be watching as i go through my rattle!

I must explain now that I am doing this at home without any help from doctors or any drug workers and there WILL be days where i wont be able to write due to the pain ill be in and the things my body will be going through! But on the days where i cant post  my partner will try to post what im going through for me and also try to write about what its like for him to watch me go through it all, as i think it would be a good insight on what the family of a drug addict goes through!

I will try to put another post up later on tonight if i get the chance to try and explain a bit more about myself as i really want you to know me for the person i am and not just an heroin addict! i dont know how many people if any at all will end up reading this, but on the off chance anyone does read this and there is anything you would like to know i dont mind you asking! I will either reply to you or mention it in another blog!